The Day a Dream Comes True

I’m a published author. I have been for over a week now. And I’ve known I was going to be for a lot longer than that. But somehow I find myself having to look in the mirror and say it to myself over and over and over. Because it’s hard to believe in the day a dream comes true.

Since I was fifteen years old, I dreamed of writing something that someone other than my mother would read. Now I’m getting messages from young women I’ve never met, thanking me for writing the book that would help reshape their story. And I still can’t believe it’s happening. Can’t believe they’re thanking me – ME! – for something I did so reluctantly.

Because, you see, I didn’t want to write Beyond Waiting. If it had been entirely up to me, this book wouldn’t exist right now, those stories would not have been reshaped, and I would be someone else entirely. But thankfully, it wasn’t entirely up to me. Thankfully, I’m not quite as stubborn as I pretend to be. And thankfully, this unwilling vessel finally submitted to telling the story that God intended to tell with her life.

As a fifteen-year-old girl trying to envision my life as a writer, I didn’t imagine I’d one day be writing guest posts for Love and Grace Media and Start Marriage Right. And never in my wildest dreams was this the interview I would have with Misty Gatlin. Because I, too, have learned from Beyond Waiting. And perhaps what I’ve learned with most clarity is that there is often a difference between the story I want to tell and the story I need to tell. But I think I’m finally learning to tell the more important story – the story that needs to be told.

Because sometimes it’s the dreams we didn’t realize that were made for coming true.

Oh Happy Day! Beyond Waiting’s Official Release

Two years ago, I told God “no.” Told Him I wasn’t meant to write non-fiction (as if I know my purpose better than He does). But today… Today is the day I’m officially proven wrong. Today is the day my reluctant “yes” becomes something tangible.

Today is the official launch of Beyond Waiting! Oh happy day!

Those of you who have followed my writing journey for awhile now understand that I’ve been dying to write this post… well, since the day I started this blog. But if you’re just stumbling into this, Beyond Waiting is the book that will challenge you to live life to the fullest – even when you’re tempted to slow down and merely “wait” for Prince Charming. (You can read the complete blurb here.)

But many of you have been asking for quite some time now… “Where can I get this book?” So, I’m happy to say that you can find it right now on Amazon or Barnes and Noble… whichever you prefer. Just click on the links provided and order your copy today!

Moving Beyond Waiting {A Guest Post}

I won’t be writing an article here on Beyond Waiting today because Love and Grace Media has been kind enough to let me share my story on their site this morning. (Thanks, Love and Grace!)

It all began with a single conversation. Just two girls talking about the unwanted absence of Mr. Right. It was one of those typical conversations where the one girl laments to the other girl that she’s tired of waiting. This forced the other girl to wonder, “What does it actually mean to wait?”

So I (who have, until this moment, been referring to myself in third person) went home and looked it up, thinking there was something we single women were missing, knowing there must be more to the waiting dilemma. Well, Google both did and did not answer my question. What it did not tell me was a great definition for the word “wait.” Quite the contrary, actually.  It seems that waiting, by definition, is just as discouraging as my friend expressed it to be.

Want to hear the rest of the story? Hop on over to Love and Grace Media and check it out!

Beyond Waiting – The Official Launch

Two years into the Beyond Waiting journey, we’re finally reaching the point of publication. That’s right. The official launch date for Beyond Waiting is May 3, 2012. Which means that in a mere three weeks, you’ll be able to order the book that inspired the blog. (I’m pretty sure that usually happens the other way around, but I’ve never been accused of doing things the normal way.)

Since my “once upon a time” journey has taken such an interesting turn and this blog hardly looks the way I once imagined it would, I thought you all could use a little refresher course in the actual subject of the book. So I’m giving you the front cover photo and the back cover blurb:

You are a complete person with thoughts and dreams and your own, unique personality, but it can be hard to hold onto yourself in a world that tells you to just keep waiting until the right guy comes along. Is this really the purpose of your single years?

In Beyond Waiting, you’ll discover the true meaning of the word wait and learn why life can be so discouraging if all you’re doing is pursuing that ever-elusive Prince Charming. A fresh spin on the fairytales you grew up with will have you yearning for more than happily ever after as you dare to step into the journey that lies within your once upon a time.

You were meant for so much more than merely waiting. So brace yourself for the most beautiful fairytale ever written – yours.

“Beyond Waiting is exactly the book that single Christian girls and women need to read. Rebekah Snyder powerfully weaves truth together in a way that is inspiring and motivating. The purpose of life is not to sit around and wait for Mr. Right. Instead, every woman should realize the thrilling adventure of following God into the unknown paths He has for her whether or not a man is involved. In this book Rebekah teaches us how to do just that. This book is a must read. It will change your life!” – (Shannon Primicerio, author of ten books including The Divine Dance)

Interrupted, Redirected, and Fulfilled

I finished a book the other night – a book I never even wanted to write. The book that started this blog. When God called me to this Beyond Waiting journey, I fiercely resisted. In case you don’t know, this girl wanted to be a novelist. Still does want to be a novelist. And here God was asking me to set that aside and pursue a different dream. His dream.

There was arguing, and praying, and begging, and crying, but God won in the end (He always does). Now here I am, a year later, staring at the full manuscript of a book. No gaps, no holes, but a completed (albeit rough) draft of Beyond Waiting. And I’m amazed. I’m amazed that I feel so much pride over something I had no desire to be a part of. I’m amazed that this journey I avoided has become one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. (I’m finding that this tends to happen a lot – the things I spend the most time resisting are the things that become most dear to my heart.)

I sit at the feet of the God who interrupts, redirects, and fulfills my wildest dreams and I weep with the wonder of it all. He has taken this dream I was sure didn’t exist and moved it to the forefront of my life, and now I see that it has been there all along – hidden within the deepest crevices of my heart.

I think that God does this with our lives more often than we care to admit. He sees the dreams we overlook, and He calls them out of His children. I truly believe that God wants to expand your boundaries as He has mine this past year. I believe He is presenting opportunities in your life. Doors for you to step through. Trails for you to blaze. Don’t be afraid to follow wherever the Father calls you. Let Him expand your vision. Allow Him to be the God who interrupts, redirects, and fulfills your wildest dreams. I promise you, you won’t regret it.