Reviews of Beyond Waiting

I got this book as a graduation gift and loved it, so I bought 2 more for some friends.
It was a really easy read. Simple to understand and GREAT examples and life stories.

I would HIGHLY recommend to any girl struggling with singleness!



Most books I have read on purity have been let-downs. Although by people I personally admire, and people with good intentions, they left me feeling like my life didn’t matter until I got married. It took me a few weeks after reading those books to feel normal again. Rebekah Snyder’s book was different. It made me want to send it to all my girlfriends and say: “This is how it is supposed to be.”

Beyond Waiting is not a book on how to survive your waiting years or a manual on how to treat guys. Beyond waiting deals with the heart of the problem; our value. The reason many girls toss purity out the window or lose it is because they think their value comes from a man. This book will remind girls of an often forgotten fact: God did not make you as half a person. You are whole and complete as you are. A guy is not going to make you any more then you already are.

I highly recommend this book to every unmarried girl. I hope that the pages of this little gem will encourage you as much as it did me.



I read Beyond Waiting. It changed my life.

My favorite part? Rebekah’s writing sounds so sisterly, so open, so honest. I never once felt threatened or vulnerable or judged. I’ve had a similar beginning–I’ve never been dated or courted and I’m happy about that. It’s the way I’ve want it. But, now, since I’m older and I would like to be a godly man’s wife someday, I’m grateful for Rebekah’s sharing her wisdom about going beyond merely waiting for Prince Charming to arrive–and recognizing that our true Prince is ready to take our hand and lead us into adventure after adventure.

Do I sound like I’m gushing? Pouring out unabashed praise? I have good reason, I promise. And I encourage you to check out Beyond Waiting and see just why I read this book in about two days (even with the Olympics going on!) and why I’m now ever-so-slowly going through the Study Guide, savoring it, letting the Truth seep into my soul. Yes, I am single, but my life is about so much more than merely waiting…



Rebekah’s honest and bright writing style captivated me from the start. Her book is not so much about the waiting so much as it is in learning to enjoy the journey right where you are and learning to accept that greater love that Christ has for us. I think her book is just what a lot of young women are searching for; it’s encouraging, it’s honest, and the author understands exactly where you, the reader, are coming from—none of that…”when I was a girl” stuff…but written by someone who is still on the journey herself!



Though I am well beyond dating, having been happily married for nearly 18 years, I literally could not put this book down. The truths presented in this book can be applied to every aspect of your life…not just dating. This book needs to be required reading for all young girls. If you are looking for a gift for someone’s birthday, graduation, etc.; this is it. The book also includes a study guide in the back which would be great with any teen group, Sunday school, or Bible study. My teenage daughter also LOVED this book. Her exact words, “Best book ever!”


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