Joy in Your Presence

My life has been so busy lately. That’s been my answer for everyone who asks how I’ve been.

Busy. Busy, busy, busy.

Maybe that’s why Psalm 16:11 hit me like a slap in the face:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

It’s the kind of verse that makes me realize how far off track I’ve been here of late. Caught up in the mundane. Just pushing to get through another moment. Another day.

In the hustle and bustle of everything happening in my life—the tasks I have to complete and the dreams I yearn to see fulfilled—I’ve forgotten an essential thing.

There is joy to be found in the journey. Joy to be found in the One who gives life to those as undeserving as I.

And I find that what I’ve been missing these last few weeks is joy. The joy I used to find in His presence. The joy that unveils itself with every step God leads me through.

The path of life is just that: life. It’s not meant to be routine. It’s not intended to become mundane. It is meant to be lived. Fully. With joy in His presence and eternal pleasures at His right hand.

And for too long I’ve been forgetting to live so fully.

Today I come to find joy in His presence again.

You Must Be Happy

A friend of mine once asked me what I had been up to and, when I told him I had been writing a lot, he replied, “You must be happy.” I smiled, remembering that I had once told him I can only write when I’m happy. It’s true. Sort of. Actually, I can only write when I’ve been walking in perfect harmony with Jesus. Otherwise, the things in my heart get so jumbled up that they don’t make any sense when they pour out onto the page.

That’s why there’s been a lack of posts on this blog lately. I’ve gotten so busy that I’ve failed to make time for God. Then I sit down to write for the sake of writing, rather than writing to worship. It’s really no wonder the page remains blank.

Well, last night, I finally grabbed the right notebook and I journaled a prayer to God. He put things into perspective for me – like He always does. And now I’m writing. Boy, am I writing. I can’t keep my pen from the page. And it truly is like I told my friend. I only write when I’m happy. Because my heart is never satisfied until it’s resting in God’s hands.

So if you’re tired, busy, overwhelmed, or lacking creativity, I’d recommend not saving Jesus for a last resort. If you have to make time for just one thing, I’d start with Him. Somehow, He makes everything else fall into place.