Desperate Love Songs

So, there’s this song by The Band Perry called All Your Life. It’s kind of a cute little love song, but the bridge trips me up every time, and I find myself responding to Kimberly Perry. Our conversation looks a little something like this:

KP: Lately I’ve been writing desperate love songs.

Me: Really?

KP: I mostly sing them to the wall.

Me: Oh girl.

KP: You could be the centerpiece of my obsession…

Me: Sounds… intense.

KP: …if you’d notice me at all.

Me: Sweetheart, we need to have a little heart-to-heart.

Desperate love songs. Something about that sounds so… well, desperate. I’ve only written one desperate love song in my entire life… and it was a joke. (But if it hadn’t been a joke, it probably could have won an award for “Most Desperate of Love Songs.”) But aside from that, I’m not the kind of girl who sits around writing multiple love songs and singing them to the wall.

And yet, I feel like that’s the boat so many girls are in. Maybe they’re not literally writing love songs, but they’re desperate. But it’s not supposed to be like that. And while the desire to find someone to love you all your life is perfectly normal, the desperate love songs have to end.

Ladies, we’re meant for so much more than singing to the wall. Or the mirror. Or the camera. Or Prince Charming, for that matter. We’ve been waiting so long that we’ve forgotten that we were meant to live. Here. Now. In this moment. So turn off the radio, put down the guitar, and set the hairbrush aside until you need to comb your hair.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this once upon a time life is so much bigger than the happily ever after ending. There’s no need to be desperate. Life starts now.