No Wasted Dreams

As you probably know by now, I’m a monthly contributor on Devotional Diva. And you’ve probably guessed by now (because you’re a smart person who can piece things together) that today is the day my words go live in that corner of the internet.

We’re over there talking about dreams—the big kind. The kind you’ll spend the rest of your life either pursuing or watching them fade away. It’s your choice. And to be honest, it’s sort of a hard choice. Once you meet opposition, it can be all too easy to want to let go and find a dream that won’t demand so much of you.

But you can’t do that. And here’s why: No Wasted Dreams on Devotional Diva.

An Introvert Living In An Extrovert World

Did I tell you all I’m a monthly contributor at Devotional Diva? Because I am. In fact, I have my own page there. Which is pretty stinkin’ cool if I do say so myself.

What I really like about writing for Renee is that it challenges me. A lot.

Like, Renee makes me write things I would never write on my own. She’s all like, “Here’s the topic,” and I’m left wondering, “Why did it have to be that?”

March is all about living together and, well, I’ve never been really good at that. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a people person. But the full story is being featured on Devotional Diva today and you should totally check it out.

Something About Dating…

So, I wrote my third guest post for Devotional Diva. One thing I really love about guest posting for Renee is that it is always challenging. I’ve had to step outside the box and/or delve into some issues that I don’t spend much time talking about. First she had me write about becoming approachable… which I’m not—I’m totally not. Then she had me addressing some issues with my skinny little body… which I tend not to talk about because most people don’t understand that “skinny” isn’t a good thing. Today, I’m talking about dating… which is laughable.

But, you see, someone asked me how I felt about not being allowed to date until I was sixteen and, for the first time in my life, I actually thought about it. And the answer I came up with was really quite beautiful. It made me want to hug my dad (and I probably would have if he weren’t 450 miles away).

So here’s my thoughts about dads being involved in their daughter’s dating life: Get all up in the middle of it, please. Even if she tells you she doesn’t want you there. Because she’s lying. And here’s why I believe that.

Becoming Approachable {A Guest Post}

I may have made a comment that got me in trouble. Or I may have made a comment that got me out of trouble. I’m still trying to decide.

All I know is that when Renee Johnson Fisher asked me to write a guest post about being approachable, I kind of freaked out. See, I don’t consider myself an authority on the subject.



So I thought of all the reasons I was unqualified to write this post, but then I thought maybe… just maybe… my disqualifications are actually qualifications in disguise.

Because maybe the person who is naturally approachable can’t write a post that resonates with the rest of us.

And maybe my story will encourage you on your journey of becoming approachable.

Read the story on Devotional Diva.