Celebrating Dreams

Lately, my mind has been filled with dreams. I talked about them a lot when I was in India (perhaps because my very presence there was the fulfillment of a twelve-year-old dream). This past weekend, I met the infant son of my childhood best friend, causing me to remember all the years we played with baby dolls and dreamed of the day we would be mothers together. A couple days ago, I celebrated the seventh anniversary of my cousin Leah’s birth. It would take a whole separate blog to explain that dream.

But today, I celebrate yet another dream. It was one year ago today that I hesitantly took a step toward fulfilling a dream God had birthed in my heart a short time earlier. A dream that is now the blog you’re reading. This past year has been a long, hard journey filled with questions, doubts, and fears, but it has also been one of the most rewarding years of my life. (I find that the challenging years usually are.) It has been a beautiful thing to watch these lifelong dreams unfold before my very eyes.

God gives us dreams for a reason, but Satan is so quick to discourage us when that dream isn’t instantly fulfilled. We forget the preparation needed to make that dream a reality. We forget that sometimes it takes twelve years. And we begin to wonder if we were right about the dream in the first place.

But God’s timing is perfect. And dreams do come true. The dreams we’ve known all our lives, and the dreams we haven’t yet dared to dream.

So may we always take a day to celebrate our dreams, and may we live all the other days in pursuit of them.

Interrupted, Redirected, and Fulfilled

I finished a book the other night – a book I never even wanted to write. The book that started this blog. When God called me to this Beyond Waiting journey, I fiercely resisted. In case you don’t know, this girl wanted to be a novelist. Still does want to be a novelist. And here God was asking me to set that aside and pursue a different dream. His dream.

There was arguing, and praying, and begging, and crying, but God won in the end (He always does). Now here I am, a year later, staring at the full manuscript of a book. No gaps, no holes, but a completed (albeit rough) draft of Beyond Waiting. And I’m amazed. I’m amazed that I feel so much pride over something I had no desire to be a part of. I’m amazed that this journey I avoided has become one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. (I’m finding that this tends to happen a lot – the things I spend the most time resisting are the things that become most dear to my heart.)

I sit at the feet of the God who interrupts, redirects, and fulfills my wildest dreams and I weep with the wonder of it all. He has taken this dream I was sure didn’t exist and moved it to the forefront of my life, and now I see that it has been there all along – hidden within the deepest crevices of my heart.

I think that God does this with our lives more often than we care to admit. He sees the dreams we overlook, and He calls them out of His children. I truly believe that God wants to expand your boundaries as He has mine this past year. I believe He is presenting opportunities in your life. Doors for you to step through. Trails for you to blaze. Don’t be afraid to follow wherever the Father calls you. Let Him expand your vision. Allow Him to be the God who interrupts, redirects, and fulfills your wildest dreams. I promise you, you won’t regret it.