The Story of Today

This Sunday in youth group, we studied Psalm 34:8: “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refugein him.”

In small group, the idea was to share a story about how God has been good to you. One? Just one story? How could I possibly upload to these girls how great God is with just one story? Which story would I choose? And does one story even begin to cover the hundreds and thousands of days when God has proved Himself absolutely and totally 100% faithful?

I remember one other day in youth group when we talked about Jesus moments and God encounters–those days when there was no denying His hand in our lives. We got a little off track (typical), so I asked the girls why it was so easy to talk about everything but those Jesus moments. One student answered me, “It’s easy to talk about the other stuff because it happens every day. Jesus moments only happen once in awhile.”

I think I literally heard God’s heart breaking in that moment. It was like I could hear Him say, “What? Every single day I’ve breathed into being? Every single sunset I’ve painted? Every single gift I’ve handed to you throughout the course of your day? Did you not appreciate any of it? Did you not see that I was the One giving it to you?”

Sometimes I feel like God is simply jumping up and down on the sidelines of our lives screaming, “Hey, I’m right here! Look at me! Me–your biggest fan.”

And we go right on living as if He isn’t there. As if Jesus moments only happen once in a blue moon. As if we only have one story to tell–one single moment when God actually showed up and changed everything.

And we forget. We forget that ever single moment of our lives is God-breathed. Shaped and crafted by His hands. We forget that every moment is a Jesus moment, alive with wonder and possibility.

We talk about work and school and sports and the weather because, once again, God didn’t show up in a way that we could clearly see.

But I think what we need to ask for is the gift of awareness and the ability to see the numerous gifts God crafts for us each day. Because every single day is another story to tell of how God has been so good. So alive. So wonderful to me.

Let’s not forget to look for the story of today.

Jesus Moments

The reoccurring theme of my life the past few weeks has been “making myself more aware of God’s presence”. Well, I asked that God would make me more aware, so I shouldn’t be all that surprised when He answered.

Sunday night at youth group, we talked about “Jesus moments”. You know, those moments when God steps in and does something amazing and you just can’t help but talk about it. Call me naive, but I really thought this would be a simple subject. I truly believed I would be able to get some answers out of my middle school girls. But none of them seemed too anxious to share. They got off topic (as middle school girls are prone to do) and I let them go for a while before posing the question: “Why is it so easy to talk about this kind of stuff, but so hard to talk about Jesus?”

You know what they told me? They said it’s because they experience all that other stuff every day, and Jesus moments only happen every once in a while. I wanted to cry. To fall on my knees and weep over the sad state of my world. I felt like screaming. Are you kidding me? Jesus moments happen every single day!

Why do we get it in our minds that it has to be the big things? We wait for something monumental to happen before we talk about Jesus. But one of my greatest “Jesus moments” ever was a hug from a friend. Just a hug from a friend. It would have blended in with the many other hugs from that friend, except it came in a moment that I really needed it.

But as I challenged my girls, I also challenged myself to share my Jesus moments more often, to talk about my relationship with God more freely, and to start a few more conversations that start with something like this: “So, the other day, Jesus and I were chillin’ in a parking lot, and I was suddenly struck by how beautiful God is…”

Because those kind of moments happen every day, and they truly are worth talking about.

P.S. I want to hear your Jesus moments. Share them in the comments, please! 🙂