Oh Happy Day! Beyond Waiting’s Official Release

Two years ago, I told God “no.” Told Him I wasn’t meant to write non-fiction (as if I know my purpose better than He does). But today… Today is the day I’m officially proven wrong. Today is the day my reluctant “yes” becomes something tangible.

Today is the official launch of Beyond Waiting! Oh happy day!

Those of you who have followed my writing journey for awhile now understand that I’ve been dying to write this post… well, since the day I started this blog. But if you’re just stumbling into this, Beyond Waiting is the book that will challenge you to live life to the fullest – even when you’re tempted to slow down and merely “wait” for Prince Charming. (You can read the complete blurb here.)

But many of you have been asking for quite some time now… “Where can I get this book?” So, I’m happy to say that you can find it right now on Amazon or Barnes and Noble… whichever you prefer. Just click on the links provided and order your copy today!