4 thoughts on “HELP! My Coworkers Think They Are Fairy Godmothers!

    • Believe it or not, I never actually say these things. They just run through my head as I smile politely and pretend I’m not having the urge to bang my head against a wall. Such is life. I’ve learned to live with it. And despite nearly two years of prodding, I’m still single. Yay me!

      • Our Pastor just told our congregation last Sunday, “quit assuming that single people are miserable! If they are where God wants them at the moment, then all is well! Leave them alone and let God work out the details of their lives!” Great Post! I pass your blog on to the single women in our church very often. It encourages them greatly!

  1. I’m officially a fan of your pastor. And I’ve never even met him. When people start putting pressure on single girls, it only makes matters worse. The ones who are miserable will only get more miserable, and the ones who are content will just get annoyed. I’m glad that you’re using my blog as a resource for encouraging your church members. It reminds me that there really is a purpose for my ranting. Live the Journey!

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