Celebrate the Maker

A glimpse of restoration conceived in tiny dreams,

A promise of salvation may not be what it seems.

A prophecy fulfilled, a miracle to be;

A tiny babe was born to save the likes of me.

With an infant cry, the Maker came to earth,

And what was there to be said of this amazing birth?

The angels dance, the heavens sing

To the music of His Glory.

The stars collide, they beam with pride

As they tell the world His Story.

The world stares on so silently

Immortalizing this sacred dream.

Tears stream from the virgin’s eyes.

In heartfelt gratitude she cries…

Celebrating the birth of the Maker.

Miracles are happening – water into wine.

This girl was once deathly ill, but suddenly she’s fine.

He’s here for a purpose; you can see it in His eyes –

So full of love, so knowing, as expansive as the skies.

No one ever spoke with such authority.

The very words that shaped the stars

Caused the blind to see.

The angels glow, the heavens roar

As He sets the plan in motion.

The stars still gleam, and each moonbeam

Is dancing on the ocean.

The world spins in turn with joyful shouts

For the Lord came to walk about.

The people flood to His side.

For a moment they are gratified…

Celebrating the life of the Maker.

A kiss that would betray Him, planted on His face.

So intimate a gesture from one who fell from grace.

A prophecy fulfilled – a Lamb led to the slaughter.

He would die for all mankind, for every son and daughter.

They nailed Him to a wooden tree

Where His wounds would find the lost

And cause the blind to see.

The angels weep, the heavens sob

As the Maker becomes sin.

The stars they hide, as though they’ve died;

The earth trembles from within.

The sun goes out, the sky turns red

As the created declares the Creator dead.

The world is silent once again,

Still and formless as it began…

As it’s mourning the death of the Maker.

For a whole three days the darkness reigns

Then He rose again breaking all my chains,

Because the day that curtain tore in two

He was declaring that nothing could separate Him

From me and you…

So celebrate the birth of the Maker –

The day He came to die.

Celebrate the life of the Maker –

The form of Glory Divine.

Celebrate the death of the Maker –

Who came down from heaven above.

Celebrate for death is not strong

Enough to conquer His love.

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