Shortage of Mr. Rights

“Is that your new boyfriend?” Sam asked.

I sighed. “How can I have a new boyfriend when I never had an old one?”

An eyebrow cocked, warning me that I was about to be informed that I am one, strange girl. “What?”

At least this time I wasn’t alone. My friend in the “never-been-dated” sisterhood shook her head at the boy’s outburst. “I keep telling him I don’t need a boyfriend.”

“What’s the matter?” he challenged. “Can’t find a guy? I could find one for you.”

“It’s not that there’s a shortage of guys; it’s that there’s a shortage of the right one.”

I loved her response. There’s a shortage of Mr. Rights in this world.

Maybe you believe differently, but I really don’t think that God created a handful of guys that are compatible with me and said, “Here, take your pick.” I truly believe that He made one who was specifically designed with me in mind. And I believe that one day, He will nudge this guy to the forefront of my life and say, “Here, Rebekah, pick this one.”

We have a tendency to take all the men in our lives and line them up in our minds, comparing them to one another. But the wrong guy isn’t a good standard to measure other guys against. Even the wrong guy can look like the right guy when compared to the worst guy.

That kind of comparing is dangerous because it leads to compromise. You start to say to yourself, “Well, he’s better than so-and-so.” But I don’t want someone better; I want someone best.

So pass on by the multitudes, remembering that it’s not just any guy you’re looking for… You’re looking for the right one.

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