When God Becomes Too Familiar

Every time I turn a corner, I’m running into the same message. It’s starting to freak me out. “Okay, God, I get it. I get it!” But apparently He doesn’t agree because it just keeps popping up. In one way or another it hits me. Different messages, different scriptures, but the same theme: There is danger in letting God become too familiar.

Too familiar? Is that even possible? I mean, He’s God. You could study Him for a million years and still not figure Him out. But haven’t you ever reached a point where those simple Biblical truths start to feel more like trite Sunday school answers? Haven’t you ever read your Bible and thought to yourself, “I know, I know.” Haven’t you ever reached a point where you cease to marvel at the greatness of God because it’s so easy to take for granted? Perhaps I’m selfish to say this, but I certainly hope you have. Otherwise, I’m the worst disciple on the planet because I’m there right now. After almost twenty years of walking with Jesus, I’ve let Him fall into a dangerously comfortable place in my life.

Think of how fascinating it is to meet new people.  Not that awkward “I don’t know you” stage, but the part where you’re actually starting to like them and may even consider them friends. Every conversation you have is new and exciting because you’re hearing things you haven’t heard before. There’s some sort of wonder in experiencing life together for the first time.

That’s where I want to be with Jesus right now. I want to recapture some of the wonder in getting to know Him more. I’m sick of letting Him be commonplace in my life. So I’ll take a deep breath and start at the beginning. “It’s nice to meet you, God. My name’s Rebekah…”

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