More Than Good Enough

For most of my life, my morning consisted of throwing on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, running a brush through my hair, looking in the mirror and saying, “Eh, God said that it was good.” Perhaps you would never look at me and think that I was insecure. After all, I never buried my flaws under a pile of make-up. But deep in my heart, the root of the problem was the same. I was never more than “good enough.” But then I wondered…

Who am I to critique the handiwork of the Master Artist? Who am I to say that one creation is better than another? And if God declared that it was good, how can I say that I’m only “good enough”?

Think of the most beautiful thing you ever created, whether it be a poem, a picture, or a piece of music. I’m sure that your heart swells with pride at the memory of the moment that work of art came alive. Now imagine that your treasured creation could talk and it said to you, “I’m ugly. I hate this, that and the other. Why did you make me this way?” Imagine the devastation, and perhaps you will come close to understanding the breaking of God’s heart.

The fact is, He finds joy in you. You are the perfect masterpiece that brings light to His eyes. When you look in the mirror, I hope you’ll see what He sees because God didn’t only make you “good enough”; He made you perfect.

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