Into His Arms

“If you could literally see incarnate Jesus walking by right now, would you shout to get His attention, walk over and tap Him on the shoulder, or just hope He noticed you?”

When I read that question in Lisa Harper’s Untamed, my response instantly came to mind: “I’d run right up to Him and throw my arms around His neck.”

It’s amazing that such gentle words can pack such a big punch, but the next words that came to mind hit me like a locomotive: “Then why aren’t you doing that now?”



It’s easy to view the incarnate Jesus as different than the Jesus I love and serve today. The incarnate Jesus seems so real. So physical. So intimate. But my Jesus… Sometimes He seems so distant. So hard to reach. So very far away.

One of the students in my youth ministry recently posed the question, “Why do people struggle with wanting to know if God is here or there? He’s God. Can’t He be in both places?” Bless the logic of that high school boy; he’s absolutely right. So why is it so much easier to see God as some distant figure who resides in the cosmos rather than the very real being who is alive and at work in our world today?

I chastise myself because I know that God is present in this moment. I know that He is closer than my next cry and more real than the air I breathe. In my mind, I know these things. So why is it so hard to make the connection in my heart?

Perhaps it’s because God feels so far away. Perhaps it’s because it feels like He isn’t answering my cries and I rarely think about the fact that I’m breathing. In my heart, I feel as if He’s so far away. But I know that He isn’t.

The invitation stands in this moment just as sure as it did when God asked me this morning: “Why aren’t you doing that now?”

So I stand in the presence of a God who is more real than flesh and blood, open up my heart, and abandon myself to His love.

One thought on “Into His Arms

  1. Thanks! I think I needed to read this again, although I read it not to long ago. I needed it pounded into my head. It’s soo true!

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