Perfect Timing

Ever have something come at just the right time? Life is starting to become overwhelming and you’ve had just about all you can take, then a friend brings you flowers to brighten your day. You’ve been wishing that God was real enough to hug you, then He sends someone else to hug you in His place. You’re starting to think that maybe God has abandoned you altogether,  then you flip open your Bible and read a passage that speaks directly into your situation. I’m used to being the recipient of God’s little blessings, but I’m absolutely floored when He chooses to use me to be that for someone else.

My last post wasn’t supposed to go out until today. I knew that I would be super busy over the weekend, so I tried  to schedule a post ahead of time. But I accidentally hit “publish”. And once you hit “publish”, there is no getting a post back. At first I was irritated. That post was supposed to buy me some time so I could rest after a crazy weekend. But then I got a report that made me realize that blog was posted in perfect timing. The reason the post published against my will was because it wasn’t a message meant for Monday; it was needed Friday. Had I waited until today to post it, it may have been too late. And someone else may have had a weekend that was even crazier than mine was.

Isn’t it funny how the little things that don’t make sense to us can also be the big things that mean the world to someone else? And isn’t it wonderful that God can take our mistakes and use them as a blessing in someone else’s life?

“And now at just the right time he has revealed this message, which we announce to everyone. It is by the command of God our Savior that I have been entrusted with this work for him.” -Titus 1:3

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