Throwing Up on God

I wouldn’t consider myself a particularly sensitive/emotional female, but sometimes I reach this point where there’s so much going on inside of me that I just snap and emotionally throw-up on someone. And that someone is usually God. I don’t mean to do it; it just happens. But I don’t really think He minds.

The greatest thing about throwing up on God is that He doesn’t try to give me answers. I hate venting to someone who feels like they have to calm me down or “fix it” right off. He’s the only person who seems to understand that all I want to do is just release my pent-up frustration.

I think we often feel like it’s not okay to be honest with God. Like it’s not okay to tell Him what’s really going on in our hearts. As if we’ve forgotten that He already knows exactly what we’re thinking and feeling. Maybe it’s the home I was raised in (one that was very open to expressing our emotions), but I don’t see anything wrong with spilling my guts to God.

But maybe, just maybe, you didn’t know it’s okay to tell God how you really feel. Maybe you needed someone to give you permission to throw-up on God. And maybe you needed to be reminded that the very reason Jesus came and died and tore the temple veil is so that you could approach Him with everything – even the emotional throw-up.

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