You Are.

Confrontational Savior,

When I read John 8, I find that it’s no wonder the Jews wanted You dead. Children of the devil? Liars? Snakes? Hypocrites?

You called them out. Publically. You slandered their holier-than-thou reputations. Don’t You know that these aren’t the kind of people You want to anger?

You used every way possible to tell them that You were the Messiah. God incarnate. Immanuel.

They didn’t believe You.

It’s hard to believe You. Even for those of us who know how the story ends.

They hated You. Wanted You dead. But the words that incited them to pick up their stones are the same words that move me to awe:

“Before Abraham was born, I Am.”

Such a bold statement from such a dangerous God. Those two, simple words are all it takes to describe You. You Are. You just Are.

And because You Are, my life has purpose. Because You Are, there is meaning in every moment of my existence. Because You Are, I am free to simply be.

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