So Long, Insecurity {A Guest Post}

I wrote a guest post for Start Marriage Right and it went live yesterday. Unfortunately, this means it got lost in the midst of book launch excitement. But the great thing about blogs is that you don’t necessarily have to read them on the day they are published. So, it’s still up there if you want to check it out:

I stepped back from the mirror to appraise my completed look, my eyes intent on finding and destroying any flaws. Unfortunately, the flaws were numerous and the solutions were few.

Rebekah, what are you doing? I asked myself.

I wasn’t like this. Not usually. But somehow it happened that, whenever it came to facing this particular person, I found that I wasn’t enough.

There is an unmet need beneath the insecurity
Insecurity reared its ugly head at me, and I finally realized that I was in bondage to this need to measure up. And while there’s something to be said for the person who makes you desire to be more, the person who makes you feel a need to be more is deadly. Oh, but sometimes it’s so hard to tell the difference between need and desire…

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