Don’t Even Think About Quitting

Last weekend, I watched a friend attempt to run a 100k. (That’s 62 miles for those of you who are as uneducated as I was before this momentous day.) So there I was at the halfway point with this big sign that read, “Don’t Even Think About Quitting” when I saw him walking in the distance.

That’s right. Not running; walking. And it wasn’t even speed-walking or “just saving my energy until the next stretch” walking. It was a genuine “something went wrong and my friend was well-past-the-point-of-merely-thinking-about-quitting” walking.

So, my sign didn’t work too well because my friend blew his knee and sort of had to quit. Which is really not an encouraging end to what was supposed to be a motivational story. But the thing is… sometimes quitting is the best possible thing you can do. Because sometimes running makes it worse, and then you’re down for weeks with an injury that could have easily been avoided.

But I’m willing to bet that in this race called life, most times—most times—when your lungs are burning and your calves are cramping and you’re thinking you won’t be able to make it over that next hill, you just need to hear someone cheering you on. You simply need to look up and see that sign that reads,
“Don’t Even Think About Quitting.”

That’s what gives you the drive to make it through another mile, another checkpoint, another incline.

So if it’s all right with you, I want to be your fan club today. I want to be the person who stands on the sidelines, jumping up and down while screaming my lungs out that you -yes, you- can do it. You’ve got what it takes. I believe in you.

And I would be willing to jump in the race and run alongside you if that’s what it takes to convince you that you can make it a little farther. Just a little farther. Because you’re almost there, really. At least, you’re much closer than you were a few miles back. You’ve got this. Really, you’ve got it.

So no matter how loudly your lungs scream for air, no matter how greatly your calf muscles are protesting, no matter how daunting that next incline appears…

Don’t You Think—Even Think—About Quitting.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Even Think About Quitting

  1. I need that sign ahead in the near-distance today. Too late on the “don’t even think…” part, but – for now at least – I’ve put the thought aside.


    • Well, then stop thinking, I guess. Most of us spend too much time thinking and not enough time doing, and that’s sometimes more exhausting than the actual feat. If it helps to picture me standing there with my glitter paint sign, I’m all too happy to live in that part of your imagination. Just as long as you don’t think about quitting.

  2. Jesus knew I needed this! Lately I’ve been really struggling with figuring out college-during-high school, and nearly quit a little while ago. After a long questioning session with God, I ended up re-evaluating and starting afresh, only from a different perspective. I know I can’t do this on my own, but that’s why I have Jesus. He will sustain me, and it will be an amazing journey!

  3. SOOOOO timeous…..i stumbled across your blog and realised again i needed to break it off with fear and persevere regardless of whether it feels like my lungs are going to burst and i can’t see out of my eyes due to tears/sweat – sometimes they feel the same!
    thank you 😉

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