I regret many things,

but I do not regret this moment with you.

For it will have been a lifetime well-spent

to have lived this single moment

aware of your presence.

Steven James


I waste so many moments caught up in the mundane.

So many hours focused on the trivial.

How much time I spend aware – truly aware – of Your presence

seems so small in the scope of my life.

So I revel in this moment that I too often ignore.

Help me become more aware of Your presence today.

5 thoughts on “Aware

  1. I look forward to reading more of your blog! I have a heart for single women and that season of life. I am planning a blog series right now on my experiences as a single woman.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Brenda,
      Thanks for the encouragement. It’s always a joy to know that someone has been touched through what I have written. There’s a difference between knowing you are called to write and actually seeing the fruit of what you have written. I’m sure that you know that as you’re a blogger yourself.

      Live the Journey!

  2. Rebekah–I’m really interested in going to India to do this, as well! Can you let me know what missions organization you did this with, please?


    • Ivonne,
      I work with Advancing Native Missions. Mostly our job is to raise awareness of the 200+ ministries we partner with overseas. One of these ways is by sending actual teams over to see these ministries. We had three teams go to India this summer, but I’m not currently aware of any India opportunities coming up. I’m sure there will be another team going back to BTC eventually, but I’m not sure when. You can check out our website ( to stay updated.

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