So Much More Than a Haircut

I didn’t feel like doing much of anything yesterday. I went to church, but was planning to come home and spend the whole afternoon locked in my room by myself. It would be absolutely beautiful. But then I noticed my hair. It had needed cut for a while, but I kept finding reasons to postpone it. Yesterday I was out of reasons… except for the reason that said I just wanted to go home and could get a haircut any other day. But still, the question lingered: To cut or not to cut? As you’ve probably guessed, I opted for “to cut.”

It was the same old walk-in haircut at the same old salon I’ve gone to since moving to this town (What can I say? I’m a creature of habit). But this time, it was completely different. This time, it wasn’t about the haircut. It was about the divine appointment God was about to make.

Her name was Kristin and she loves Jesus. And, boy, was she excited when she found out that I love Jesus too.  See, Kristin is currently the only believer in her salon, and she hates missing church on Sundays. For the entire half an hour it took her to finish my haircut, we talked about our greatest passion – Jesus. And I didn’t just walk out of that salon with a new haircut; I left with a new friend. And you can bet that I’m never going to have any old walk-in haircut again. I’m going to be dropping her name.

And to think that I almost missed it. That I almost decided against getting the haircut yesterday. To think that I nearly missed that divine appointment that God had ordained for the two of us.

Next time you get one of those thoughts that go against your instant desire, I’d challenge you to think about it. Who knows what divine appointment could be waiting for you in the midst of those little interruptions? It might just be so much more than a haircut.

2 thoughts on “So Much More Than a Haircut

  1. What a fantastic experience! I’m so happy that you met a fellow sister in Christ and was able to be a source of encouragement for her! We never know what we may face in any given day but God is so good to use us whenever we are willing.

    God bless you and your ministries.

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