“I’m running as fast as I can and every hour is another frantic stride. I used to think I was running toward you, then for awhile I thought I was running away from you. But in truth you’ve been running beside me this whole time.” ~Steven James

That’s the kind of God I serve – the kind that sticks close to me whether I’m seeking Him or not. The kind that doesn’t wait for me to run into His arms, but rushes to meet me where I’m at. The kind that doesn’t wait for me to wander back to Him, but follows me as I meander along the bunny trails of life.

He’s the kind of God who doesn’t wait for an invite to help a friend in need. He’s the kind of God who stands patiently by my side until I finally turn and notice that He’s there – that His arms are open and that His love is true.

Even when I run a million miles in the wrong direction, He loves me enough to keep running beside me. And even when I think that I’ve drifted too far – when I believe that redemption is too far out of reach, I find Him waiting. Waiting there all along, hoping I’ll turn around and notice Him. And it’s during those times when I realize how lost I truly am, that I’m thankful He runs alongside me just waiting for the moment He can turn around and carry me back to the life I was always meant to live.

7 thoughts on “Running

  1. ” He’s the kind of God who doesn’t wait for an invite to help a friend in need.” I love that. I love it because its something I have experienced from others in time of need. I love it because it is something that God has shown me how to do for others too. But mostly, I love this sentence because its true.

    • Sincerity, you had better believe it’s true! I have a pastor friend who once said in a sermon: “People have told me that the Holy Spirit’s a gentleman. I beg to differ. He slapped Paul right off a horse. That’s not very gentlemanly.” So thankful that God knows both when to be a gentleman and when to stage a forceful entry into my stubborn heart.

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  3. Thank you for this post. He is indeed the Father that gives us space to learn form our mistakes and be ourselves and grow in Him. This reflects my life and I would like to have this on my wall. God bless you

    • I often wish that I was smart enough to learn from others’ mistakes, but you’re absolutely right. God gives us space to make mistakes so we can grow from them. Glad to be on this running/learning/growing journey with you.

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